Centenary of Griffith

About 2016

Celebrating 100 years - 4 August 2016

Griffith, originally called Mirrool, was named after Arthur Hill Griffith, the then Minister for Public Works, and was first settled in December 1912. 

Known today as 'Australia's Wine and Food Country', 'The Foodbowl of Australia' and often referred to as 'An Oasis in the Desert', Griffith has come a long way from the land which was once described as 'desolate' and 'barren'.

Griffith was proclaimed on 4 August 1916 and the City is preparing to celebrate this incredible milestone with a series of events.

Message from the Mayor, Councillor John Dal Broi

Griffith has come such a long way over the last 100 years and has grown to become a thriving City, one which I am proud to call home.

As we near our Centenary, I cast a glance to the past and am in awe of what has been achieved in a relatively short period of time. Our dry and arid lands have been transformed into fertile soils, allowing us to become a major food producing region. The landscape is now lush and green and we have created a City which is prosperous - offering residents a lifestyle rivalling that of many metropolitan areas in Australia.

Our 100 year celebration focuses on not only the past, but on the future of Griffith. Let us continue to build on the solid foundation laid  out by our early settlers.

I would like to encourage residents both past and present to become involved in celebrating this milestone.


John Dal Broi
Mayor, Griffith City