Centenary of Griffith

Meet The Sculptors




Above left: Luke Zwolsman. Above centre and right: Luke at work

High-profile Australian sculptor Luke Zwolsman has been appointed to manage the symposium. Zwolsman has managed several International Sculpture Symposia including Stone Song (2012, 2013, 2014) and Adelaide Hills (2012, 2014), and has attended several sculpture symposia including Turkey, Italy and Australia.
Zwolsman impressed the Griffith 2016 Centenary Committee with his knowledge, passion and gentle demeanour. The committee is confident he will lead a wonderful event.

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Above left: Francesco Panceri. Above centre: Pensiero Divergente, Roma Italy, granite 2004. Above right: Balance of Time, Tehran Iran, marble 2012.

Francesco Panceri was born in Crema, in Italy in 1976, where he attended the secondary school specializing in the art subjects and then graduated from the “Accademia di belle arti di Brera” in Milan.

Panceri has participated in 48 symposia around the world, most recently in China, Taiwan, Italy and Turkey. His works are in private and public collections. This will be Panceri’s first Australian symposium.

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Above left: Miguel Isla. Above Centre: Taiwan 2012. Above right: Egypt 2012

Miguel Isla was born in Tudela de Duero –Spain.  Miguel is a very experienced and highly regarded international artist, having participated in 55 international symposia, from 1991 through to 2015 and the recipient of many sculpture awards including Silver Medal, Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition, China and in 1999, the Award Biennale International of Sculpture Montbrison France. Miguel has works in Australia having been part of the symposium team at Adelaide Hills in 2012 and Sunshine Coast in 2005.

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Above left: Chris Peterson. Above Centre: Black Moon Trickle. Above right: China Magnified No. 3 & 4

Chris was born in Bilthoven, The Netherlands. He has participated in 22 International Symposia and this is his first Australian Symposium.

Artist Statement: “My work is a continuous search and exploration of urban, and in some cases, rural space. It’s by means of observation that certain spaces trigger a sudden fascination. Whether this is based on an interest I take into the human behaviour I encounter, or solely from an architectural point of view, the way the space is shaped.”

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Above left: Hew Chee Fong. Above centre: Sustainable, Eumundi, QLD. Above right: Waterstone, Adelaide Hills, SA

Hew studied Sculpture at NCAE, NSW and has been the recipient of many Art Awards including

2014 winner of the Inaugural Eumundi Sculpture Prize and winner of the Inaugural Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest—Italy Residency in 2011.

Artist statement: "Stone universally connotes all things of an enduring nature, stability, dependability, both timelessness and the passage of time."

Hew has been involved in several sculpture symposia including the 2014, Sculpture Saint John Symposium in New Brunswick, Canada, and the 2014 Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium. Hew was privileged to be the Commissioned Artist Assistant to Andy Goldsworthy, international environmental sculptor in 2011, Great Walks of Queensland Public Art ’Strangler Cairn’.

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Above left: Liu at work. Above centre and right: Completed works including Bowknot

 Liu Yang was born in north China and is the most active and the most influential Chinese sculptor in the world. While he has been a TV host in his career, sculpture has always been his passion. In the past five years, he took part in more than 30 symposia across 20 countries, with 10 of the sculptures standing 5 metres high. A series of his works show the soft rope change hard stone; this is an ancient eastern thought. Another series of works show the relationship between the colourful characters and the geometric form, emphasis on public art simple communication.




Above left: Renate at work. Above centre: Sardegna Symposium, Italy 2012. Above right: Tehran, Iran 2014

Born in Belgium, Renate immigrated to New Zealand in September 1995 and was introduced to stone sculpture in 1999. Since ‘99, Renate has attended many symposia around the world.

 Artist Statement: “I don't sculpt because I want to leave a piece of "me" behind...I don't sculpt because I want to create "ART" with the capital A. I sculpt because I love it. I love the process of transforming a raw piece of stone into a sensual thing of beauty, which will give joy to the people who discover it. My stone sculptures are created out of pure inspiration. They should be appreciated with your eyes, your hands, your heart, your soul.  No intellectual analysis will speak louder than the emotions my sculptures provoke.”

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Above left: Tobel. Above centre: Energy, Germany, 9Tons sandstone. Above right: Whirl, China, 10Tons granite

Tobel has participated in more than 30 symposia, including in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Taiwan and China. Tobel started as a stonemason in 1989, studied sculpture in Italy and Switzerland, and has been a freelance artist since 1992. The recipient of many art awards and prizes, Tobel is a highly regarded artist.

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