Centenary of Griffith


Organisers of the Griffith time capsule laid down in 1971, the Lions Club of Griffith have revealed that the contents of the capsule have been damaged beyond salvaging by the ravages of time and water.

In an effort to streamline the return of items to their owners at the upcoming Centenary of Griffith, the Club arranged a sneak peak to determine the condition of the capsule. They were totally disheartened to find that water had breached the capsule and done irreparable damage to the contents.

Lions Club representative Bob Moore advised the Centenary of Griffith organising committee of the discovery at its most recent meeting. 

“We were devastated to discover much of the contents had been damaged beyond repair when we opened the capsule,” said Mr Moore.

“Words cannot express how sorry we are that this has happened, and we are working to ensure the new capsule will stand the test of time.”

Griffith Lions Club are currently working with Council to design a new time capsule which will be opened in 25 years’ time.

“We are looking at different options, with a lot of research being undertaken to see which method of preservation is most suitable,” added Mr Moore.

2016 Centenary Committee Chair and Mayor John Dal Broi said he was saddened to learn of the issues with the time capsule, but is grateful that the Lions Club are willing to design a new one to unveil in 2041.

“It’s big ask to have something stored underground for 45 years and remain totally intact,” said Councillor Dal Broi.

“There’s always the possibility of damage, and understandably many people and families that had placed items in the capsule will be extremely disappointed. I simply cannot express how devastated we all are that this has happened, but we will now prepare to create a new time capsule to celebrate our Centenary.”

Lions Club of Griffith are currently working on the details of the new time capsule and hope to be able to release the full details in the coming weeks.

Councillor Dal Broi said that though the distribution of the time capsule’s contents will now not occur, there are still many other activities and reasons for people to be in Griffith in the first week in August when the official centenary occurs.

“It’s going to be all about renewing friendships, visiting family and friends and having lots of fun,” he said.

“The 4th to 7th of August will be full of fantastic events for the entire family to enjoy and I would encourage everyone to get involved and celebrate along with us.” 

Location set for International Sculptures

A key event and ongoing tribute to the Griffith Centenary is the International Sculpture Symposium to be held in 2016. Consisting of 5 sculptures, the 2016 Centenary Committee have been working on a suitable location to house these works of art into the future and have selected Willows and IOOF Parks.

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